Please review your items carefully. We accept quality, beautiful, current articles. Items with stains, broken zippers, rips, tears, fading, pilling, animal hair, outdated or out-of-season will be returned or donated. Items must be freshly laundered with low scent detergent.  Items must be folded neatly. In addition to apparel, we accept, baby carriers, boutique brand maternity apparel, baby necessities, shoes, wooden toys and wooden puzzles.


Please refer to our Brand Calibre List here.


  • Thistle & Wren accepts consignment all month long, unless otherwise specified.
  • Please book your consignment appointment below. If you have not already done so,  please sign your consignment contract prior to your first appointment. 
  • Prior to dropping off, please review how to prepare your consignment (below) to ensure your items are ready for the boutique.
  • We offer a 50/50% split on all items.


Thistle & Wren will sort your items and contact you by email to inform you if you have items we did not accept (pick-ups). As space is limited, pickup is expected within one week of the call/email Unless a longer hold is arranged, items will be donated within one week. You may choose to have your any items donated if they are not accepted for consignment.


We are unique. Our policies reflect our ethos and we focus on offering our customers the best possible saleability of their articles.  To do this,  we offer a an open -ended consignment contract, meaning once you drop you items off, we keep them until the sell, so long as they follow rules associated with high calibre * brands. Articles that do not fall within the Brand Calibre* will be donated after 6 weeks. 


We offer in-store credit only. When your items sell, the funds are applied directly to your account. You can use your funds as credit towards in-store purchases.

Book your consignment appointment