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Use code -FREESHIP- on orders over $175 (Exclusions apply)

Affirm Your Life- Journal

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Choose Your PowerAlign with what really matters. Do you find yourself detached from your greater purpose in life? Are you feeling unmotivated and powerless? Take a breath. It's time to realign yourself with what truly matters and ignite your self-worth. It's time to affirm your life. Sometimes we are so caught up with getting things done, we forget that what truly matters is getting the right things done. Press the reset button. With the help of this guided journal, you will be reminded of the things that bring you inspiration, purpose, and fulfilment.
A guided journal to help you find the answers. For those needing to refresh their goals, rediscover what they most want, and get inspired, Affirm Your Life is your go-to source. This guided journal contains thought-provoking writing prompts to help you dig deep and find the answers - and corresponding actions - you are searching for.
Each chapter features a true story and lesson inspired by the author of the timeless book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, as interpreted by feminist scholar Becca Anderson, author of The Book of Awesome Women, and guidance on how you can apply this wisdom to your own life. The lessons in this book are accompanied by confidence-boosting affirmations, writing prompts, and inspirational quotes that will assist you on your journey to peace and purpose.
With the timeless teachings in this book, the Affirm Your Life journal will guide you to:
• Rediscover your "why" and the "End in Mind" for your life
• Learn to think abundantly and live in gratitude
• Identify your strengths and use them for self-betterment
• Build seven powerful practices to help you accomplish your dreams