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Use code -FREESHIP- on orders over $175 (Exclusions apply)
Use code -FREESHIP- on orders over $175 (Exclusions apply)

Dreamcatcher- Bootie

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Huddy Buddies are made with a durable and washable eco-suede sole which is lined with a plush faux-fur for comfort and warmth. The hand crocheted uppers are made with soft 20% wool blend yarn that is soft and not itchy. These soft sole slippers will easily slip-on any little foot no matter how chubby or narrow... and STAY PUT with their functional laces. Be sure you tighten those laces and you will not arrive home to find one slipper missing and cold little toes. The soft soles not only allow these slippers to grow with your baby over many sizes but they are also weather-resistant and great for indoor and outdoor use. Mind you the crochet portion of the slipper is not very fond of puddles. If you do get them dirty simply throw in the washing machine and then let them air dry. Pediatricians recommend soft soles for littles up to two years to allow for healthy footdevelopment and to promote balance and coordination to early walkers. The next best thing to barefoot are Huddy Buddies.